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how to have a good mental diet

mental diet

We hear the word “diet” and immediately think veggies, protein, and low carbs. Looking at you, Sweetgreen. But the diet we’re talking about has nothing to do with Keto. Today, we want to take a look at mental diets – what they are and what they’re important.

Especially if you’re a manifestation girlie. And we’re going to assume you are if you’re here. So grab a seat, and let’s dive into the skinny on mental diets…

Get it? Skinny… diet? Sorry, okay let’s go!

what is a mental diet?

Basically, having “a good mental diet” is the concept of gaining control of your self-talk and allowing only positive thoughts and ideas to filter through. The goal here is to indulge only in thoughts that are moving you toward your manifestation by maintaining a generally positive attitude.

Now, this doesn’t just mean that we should be conscious of any thoughts and feelings directly associated with our desires. We should also be conscious of all other thoughts we’re entertaining and how they make us feel.

Take a minute to think about your inner convos on a day-to-day. How do you typically respond to “negative” circumstances?

If you have an argument with your BF/GF, do you replay the argument in your mind for the rest of the day? Do you dwell on what you “should have said?”

Or let’s say your boss leaves you a somewhat critical remark on a work review, do you beat yourself up for poor performance or “not being good enough?”

These are both very ordinary scenarios – most of us will likely encounter something similar at one point or another.

But, what matters most is how we respond to circumstances. 

your current mental diet

Now, we know this is going to sound ‘easier said than done’ for some and that’s okay. In fact, it feels that way for most people starting out. But, like with everything else…

Persistence is key.

A bit earlier on, we asked you to think about how your inner convos usually sound. Is your self-talk usually more positive or is it normal for you to have a more pessimistic commentary about things?

Really take a moment to reflect on that. Maybe even write down a few recent examples of how you reacted to certain situations. If something negative recently happened, how did it make you feel? How long did you allow yourself to feel that way?

From there, make the conscious decision to make the necessary changes to your inner monologue.

how to maintain a good mental diet

Now, this doesn’t mean that all things negative are going to magically disappear from your life. Or that you should ignore them.

That one co-worker will probably still annoy you on Monday. That shitty driver will probably still cut you off in traffic.

But, what we’re focused on is what we’re giving power to.

The moment you feel a negative thought presenting itself, shift your focus. That’s really all you need to do.

The key is to be able to acknowledge and capture the thought and change it as quickly as possible.

Do NOT give it any power. Do not allow any negative condition or circumstance to send you into a spiral of sadness or anger or fear.

Simply change the track of your thoughts. Especially if the negative thought or emotion is directly about your manifestation.

If you feel yourself thinking contrary to your desire, immediately flip the thought. Dive into your affirmations if you have to. This is actually good to practice.

I’m not going to be able to pay for this…” NOPE.

“I am wealthy AF. I can buy whatever I want, whenever I want. I can have it all.”

Literally, practice this with EVERYTHING. If that means also limiting the negative content you consume (i.e. the news, negative gossip, etc.), just do it.

Because the truth of it is, the more time you spend uplifted and happy, the more you will attract quickly.

the 7-day mental diet

The 7-day mental diet was coined by Emmet Fox, based on the idea that if you actively practice the above for just one week, you’ll start seeing massive changes in your life.

Take a listen to his instructions here – we 10/10 recommend.

And always remember that literally everything begins and ends with you. Change your mind and (quite literally) change your life.  

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