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how to live in the end for manifestation

Ugh, another article about manifestation. It’s almost as if we’re obsessed with it or something. Probably because we are and we want you to be obsessed with it too. Because honestly, who doesn’t want to be able to live out their wildest, most fulfilling desires. Especially when the key to doing so is supposedly simple. If the title wasn’t obvious enough, we’re talking about living in the end.

If you’re a Neville Goddard fanatic, you’re already well aware that living in the end is one of his most central and probably most echoed teachings. Let’s take a look at Neville, his take on manifestation, and how we should approach living in the end as a practice for manifestation.

neville goddard

So, for those of you currently asking “umm, who?” let us explain. Neville Goddard is arguably one of the most heralded and influential teachers in the manifestation community today. His theories and concepts are widely used and referenced, almost as a gold standard – especially, for those who are partial to the Law of Assumption.

Much of the basis of Neville’s teachings are rooted in his belief that the Bible is a guidebook to the human psyche and its power. Based on his understanding of the text, he concluded that every human being possesses the power to create as an extension of God.

He argued that the objective world as we know it – the device you’re currently reading this on, the clothes you’re wearing right now, the Starbs you grabbed this morning – was all manifested purely from the imagination of human beings.

And that if we simply assumed the “feeling of the wish fulfilled,” i.e. living in the end, we could all manifest the reality of our choosing.

the feeling of the wish fulfilled

Okay, so we got the tea on Neville. But, what exactly is “living in the end” or “feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

In the simplest of terms, living in the end or feeling the wish fulfilled is merely having faith that your desire is yours. “It’s already done.”

For example, you have an adoring, devoted partner that you love. They’re perfect for you and everything is literally amazing. How would you feel? What would you do? Certainly not spend your days worrying about manifesting an ideal partner. You already have that secured, so you carry on as such.

Another example: you’re making some major cash and all of your needs (and wants) are taken care of. You don’t have to worry about not having enough funds for your next trip or how bill is going to get paid. In fact, all of your bills are on AUTOPAY (period). You don’t even have to think about it.

How would that feel?

This is the mental space you want to be in. Operating “as if” your desires have already manifested. Because in all reality, if we already had the things we wanted, we wouldn’t be overly concerned about how to get them.

Like, somebody who has all the money they need doesn’t constantly stress about when they’ll see their next check deposit – they’re comfortable knowing that the money is on its way and are confident it’ll show up on time. And somebody living in their dream city doesn’t obsess about living there – they know they’re there (or will be soon) and just feel gratitude for it. Making sense?

Alright, so we know what to do. Now, let’s talk about the how.

how to “live in the end”

Now, the question of “how” exactly to live in the end can elicit varied responses depending on who you ask. For some, the answer is always going to be textbook Neville – you should be feeling it real. As in, practicing feeling gratitude for your manifestation before you physically “see” it.

Another popular practice Neville preached was visualization, particularly during the state akin to sleep. This would be that “sleepy” period that comes over you, right before you drift off. The idea is that your subconscious is more readily available for saturation as your conscious mind is quieting down for bed, thus, making it easier to impress your mind with the idea of your manifestation.

Think of your conscious mind as like a club bouncer – he only wants to let in people he knows and everyone else is getting the side eye. Anything it doesn’t already recognize to be true (i.e. whatever it is you’re trying to manifest) is often met with resistance.

You: “I have a million dollars in my bank account.

Your Conscious Mind: “Girl… be so fr right now.

But, when you visualize your desired end result during that “sleepy state,” your subconscious is more susceptible to accepting what you’re affirming/visualizing as true.

And if you’re wondering how or why that is, it’s because your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is “real” and what is “imagined.” Keep that in mind.

Alternately, some argue that you can “live in the end” simply by affirming from the state of the wish fulfilled. Meaning, consistently using affirmations that state your desire has been achieved.

I am so rich.

I am so popular.

I always get everything I want. 

My SP is so in love with me.

Affirmation-focused manifestation focuses less on the “feeling” aspect and relies more so on consistency. So for this, you want to ensure that you’re persisting in your affirmations and really taking the time to saturate your mind with them and make them your dominant thought.

Either way, the goal is to be thinking or “living” from the POV of you already having what you want.

So, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and be content with the fact that literally everything you’re asking for is already in existence and is yours for the taking.

Happy manifesting.

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