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how to manifest an SP

manifest sp love

If you’re part of any online manifesting community, you’re probably very familiar with the term SP and how pretty much everyone has an SP they’re trying to manifest. But if you’re new here, let us explain.

SP is merely just an abbreviation for specific person or the person you want to manifest. Now, this can be a person you actually know irl (and want to manifest a relationship with) or it can be someone you don’t. For the latter, this would generally be a manifestation of traits/characteristics you believe would make up your ideal partner.

Easy enough? Okay great, now onward…

With Valentine’s Day having just graced us with her presence not too long ago, it’s hard not to think about things like love and relationships… or for some of us, the lack thereof. But, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could like… just magically have the exact person we wanted?

Well, we kinda can… through manifestation. Are you shocked? You shouldn’t be.

what’s manifestation again?

So, if you’re reading this article, we’re going to assume that this isn’t your first rodeo with the idea of manifestation. Maybe you’ve even had some successful manifestations of your own (we love to see it).

Now, there is a TON of info out there on the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption to dive into, but to keep it short and sweet, manifestation is the art of intentionally attracting something that you desire into your life.

Basically, you decide what it is that you want and then believe or affirm it into existence.

That’s it. It really is that simple.

So, we’ve got the gist of what manifestation is, but we can’t possibly manifest people, right? Actually, we can. And we DO.

manifesting an “SP”

As we mentioned, the idea of manifesting a specific person or “SP” is a major hot topic in many manifestation communities. Because let’s face it, as the Y/N generation, we all have a secret yearning for that whirlwind romance with the person we’ve been crushing on. Or maybe even with an ex (though, we always recommend treading carefully with those).

But, manifesting an SP is really no different than manifesting anything else – you just have to affirm and believe that this person (whoever they are) is meant for you. Even if you don’t actually believe it, continue to affirm it.

And by “affirm it,” we mean to literally just keep repeating your desired story to yourself, no matter what. Even if your SP barely acknowledges your existence, continue to affirm what you want.

  • SP and I are so in love.
  • SP and I have such a wonderful relationship.
  • SP loves me so much.
  • SP is just crazy about me.

The act of continuing to repeat affirmations reflecting your desired outcome (i.e. you and your SP sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G), versus focusing on whatever your current reality looks like, is the key.

Because what this essentially does is saturates your subconscious with your desired outcome – so much so, that it accepts it as true and reflects this “truth” into your reality. We dive a bit more into the science of this here… yes, there is a science to this.

circumstances don’t matter

Now, here’s the catch – while you’re affirming (and even when you’re not), you have to make a conscious effort to ignore your current circumstance. Especially if it’s reflecting the opposite of what you want to manifest.

Circumstances do not matter.

SP ignoring you? Nope. They wouldn’t do that because they’re literally in love with you.

SP just sent you a leave me alone text? Umm, no. They actually just texted you that you’re the only thing on their mind and that they might be obsessed.

Remember, your reality is just a reflection of your dominant thoughts.

If you spend 10 minutes affirming SP loves me, but then spend the next hour spiraling because they didn’t text you or the fact that there’s a 3P present, you’re only going to delay movement towards getting your manifestation.

Stop worrying about the shit you don’t want to see and start focusing on what you’re affirming for. Period.

affirmation challenge?

Pick 2-3 affirmations about your SP (doesn’t have to be the ones we listed, just choose a few that feel right to you) and just repeat them. Ideally, you’ll want to do this as much as possible, but for starters try for AT LEAST 10 minutes a day (honestly, multiple times a day, if you can).

Affirm while you’re doing dishes.

While you’re cleaning your room.

While you’re staring idly into space.

Stop scrolling on Tiktok and AFFIRM.

Do this for a week, then get back to us.

And remember, the idea isn’t to fully believe what you’re saying – at least not at first. The goal is just to repeat your desired story (as MUCH as possible) and try to minimize any thoughts contradicting it. So, if you feel any negative thoughts creeping in, take that as an opportunity to affirm!

Now, we are fully aware that there will probably always be skeptics when it comes to this sort of thing. So, we challenge you to actually put this theory to the test. Because, honestly – even if you don’t believe in any of this, do you really have anything to lose?

If you’re going to be thinking about your SP anyway, it might as well be in a way that makes you feel good, right?

Best of luck! And don’t forget to send us a wedding invite 😉

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