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how to manifest whatever you want

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It’s no secret that one of the most powerful ways to manifest your desires is by journaling. Whether its handwriting a letter to the Universe or using one of the many manifestation methods you can find on the internet, one thing is for certain – there is power in the pen.

There’s been tons of research done on the impact writing down your goals can have on your brain and how it literally changes the world around you. But, to really understand how this actually works, we’ll have to take a quick look at the science behind it all.

big brain energy

When we write things down, we’re actually activating a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). DON’T FREAK OUT – we promise not to turn this into a Bio 101 lesson. Basically, it’s just the bundle of nerves at the base of your brain. But, what’s really cool about it is the way that it works – that’s where things get interesting.

One of the primary functions of the RAS is to help the brain filter through the endless data that gets thrown at it and decipher what’s important to pay attention to.

Think of it as like a club bouncer of sorts – only VIP is getting through the door and everyone else has to wait outside. Or think of a time you’ve been in a super chatty or noisy room, but you somehow manage to pick up on someone saying your name and immediately turn and look… that’s your RAS.

Okay, okay – we’ve Bill Nye’d you enough. Now, let’s get into how this actually helps with manifestation.

focus is key

So, now that we’ve learned that the RAS basically decides what sensory information should be deemed important, you may be asking how it knows what to choose.

Easy. By what you focus on.

You want your RAS to be programmed to tune into the things you actually want in life – especially your goals and desires. The more you focus on your intentions and your belief that you will achieve them, the more your RAS will be aligned with showing you more proof that this is true.

But, the contrary of this also applies. The more you focus on the lack thereof, the more proof of lack you will see… make sense?

Your subconscious mind and your RAS are pretty much BFFs, so to make sure that we’re funneling the right stuff into our subconscious, we want to make sure that we’re sending clear signals of the things that we want to call into our lives (and none of the things we don’t).

Making it a point to constantly direct our attention to our desires pretty much tells our brain, “Hey! This is important to me! Show me more of this!” and we really want to be doing this as much as possible. It signals to your RAS to allow any/all information pertaining to that desire (or how to get it) to filter through into your conscious awareness.

Common examples of how this manifests for many people can be a chance meeting with someone who is directly tied to the goal you’re working towards or randomly being “at the right place, at the right time.”

But, we know what you’re probably thinking – “okay, so how can I be sure to remember to focus on my desires as much as possible?” Because we get it – life happens. And sometimes, we’re too consumed with what’s happening to us in the present to remember to focus on our future-selves.

Well… the title of this article should be a dead giveaway. But, let’s actually get into the why.

why writing down your goals (or desires) actually works

If you know anything about us here at ElastaFlex, you know that we stan all things scripting. Everything from detailing a day in the life of your future self (the “you” that already has everything you desire) to gratitude journaling – we love it all. But, what we love most about it is the fact that it’s pretty much a straight beeline to your subconscious.

Writing down your goals or writing from the perspective that you’ve already achieved your goals, effectively communicates to your brain that this is something you find to be important. And the more you do this, the more your brain will actively try to align you with opportunities to make your goal your actual reality.

It begins to decipher that your desire is not just a fleeting thought – it is an intention. And that is where the power lies.

the manifestation method journalmanifestation method journal

Of course, our love for scripting wouldn’t be complete without a journal of our very own. But, The Manifestation Method Journal isn’t just a book full of blank pages (though, there’s nothing wrong with that – that feeling of writing in a brand new, blank journal for the first time will always remain undefeated).

But our intention for this journal was to help guide those who may be newer to the concept of manifestation or to help those who are just like, “uhh… I get it, I just don’t know what to write.”

Don’t worry, we got you.

We provide you with instructions on getting started, writing prompts, as well as dedicated pages for affirmations and gratitude.

We also outline a few of the most popular scripting methods out there for you to dive right into.

But we definitely made it a point to keep it simple.

Because, manifestation is not about overcomplicating things with extensive directions or a bunch of embellishments.

It all boils down to just you and your intention. Really taking the time to just sit and feel gratitude (and excitement, duh) for all of the things you’re manifesting into your life. Because it should truly be a joyful experience.

But, if you’re interested (no pressure), for just $11.11, you can buy an actual physical copy from Amazon.

Happy manifesting.

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