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top 3 best fashion trends to follow this fall

fashion trends fall 2022

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POV: you’re looking up Fall 2022 trends on TikTok, Pinterest, and literally everywhere else. Are we dabbling in statement colors this year or are we head-to-toe in black? Is oversized and baggy still in, or are we transitioning back to a more cinched look?

Whether you actually follow what’s trendy in fashion or not, you’re inevitably gonna see what’s “in style” whenever you step foot out of your door. Hello, loose-fitted jeans and Air Forces

But, for those of us that like being a little more in the know, here are 3 top trends you’ll likely be seeing this Fall 2022 (and cute, easy pick-ups you can find on our fave, Amazon).

And remember, being fashionable CAN be done with ease. No designer price tags, still very much bad bleep energy. 

blazers, blazers, blazers

The blazer is definitely gonna be one to spot this upcoming fall season. It’s also one that should 100% be closet-staple. Easy to dress up or down, you literally CAN NOT go wrong with a solid blazer.

This trend may have a little to do with many of us heading back into the office this year, but we’re def not mad at work-inspired fashion.

This cute oversized blazer is one you can definitely be versatile with, whether you’re clocking in for work or clocking out for Happy Hour. It’s also a STEAL at $55.99. We love to see it.


Now, for our girlies who are a bit less risky when it comes to fashion, this one may seem a little out there, but we’re expecting to see hints of sequin pretty much everywhere.

This sequined top is PERFECT for adding just a little bit of sparkle to your outfit, without being too over-the-top. We would definitely pair this with a black leather pant or mini skirt. Chef’s kiss.

the white tank top

This one is definitely the understatement of the 3 trends on our list, here. But, the white tank will definitely be going strong this Fall and is 100% not to be slept on.

The white tank top has quite literally become a must-have piece in 2022 and this will remain true as we head into pumpkin spice season. It’s clean, it’s versatile, and fortunately for many of us, it does not have to be Prada.

This basic (but, sexy) white tank is one of Amazon’s best sellers and we can see why. It’s perfectly fitted and is certainly not lacking in the quality department. 

It would also be killer with the blazer on our list. Throw on some chunky gold jewelry and you’re set. Giving fashion, without the $1,000.00 price tag. Again, we love.

These are only a few of the trends we’re excited to see this Fall (especially when we can get the same look for the low). We’ll definitely be back with a few more of our faves, but in the meantime, stay cool babes.

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