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what are limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

limiting beliefs

At the risk of sounding cringe, we’re gonna start this article with a Mean Girls quote: “The limit does not exist.” Except, we’re not talking about math here – the “limit” we’re referring to has to do with your belief system. And why so many of us seem to have difficulty overcoming beliefs that don’t serve us.

But, what exactly are limiting beliefs and how do we know if we have them? Because just like our girl Cady said, we are limitless. We just need a kick in the butt to remember that sometimes.

Let’s begin, shall we?

what even are limiting beliefs?

A limiting belief is a hindering thought or opinion that we have subconsciously accepted as fact. Think of them as like a soccer goalie – once these beliefs are solidified, their job is to block you from embarking on new paths and keep you “safe” in the realm of familiarity.

In a nutshell: they hold us back from taking risks or making decisions that could otherwise be beneficial to our growth or progress. 

Even if you have a laundry list of desires you want to manifest, limiting beliefs are often what prevent you from taking guided action to get them or even from believing that you can have them in the first place.

So, as annoying as this may sound, we’re often stunted by our own belief system when it comes to manifestation.

That said, taking the time to identify what your limiting beliefs are (and their source) can be a game-changer for you.

where do limiting beliefs come from?

Okay, so we know what limiting beliefs are and we know that they suck. But, where do they come from? Because it’s not like we asked for them.

Luckily, they can almost always be sourced back to 3 areas of our lives:

family values

This shouldn’t come as much of a shocker, but for most of us, our limiting beliefs can be traced back to our childhoods.

Did you grow up hearing any of the following?

That’s not realistic.

We can’t afford that.

That doesn’t happen for people like us. 

As discouraging as these things may have been to hear, unfortunately, it often still gets internalized.

That’s because childhood is when we are absorbing the most information, the quickest – especially when it comes to core beliefs and values.

Maybe you grew up in a household that believed that education and a conventional job was the only way to success. Or that your value would only be found in your looks. Or that the people of your town don’t make it far and will never see real wealth.

Take some time to think about your upbringing – through what lens was life spoken about most often? Did you grow up hearing more about abundance or scarcity?


This slightly ties back into the family aspect, as our family will often be our first “teacher.” But, whether it’s from school, from co-workers, or even from friends/peers, any circumstance in which we are gaining knowledge from someone can alter our beliefs.

Especially, if they’re someone you trust or respect. You may feel inclined to adopt their beliefs as your own.

life experiences

Life experiences can be especially reinforcing when it comes to limiting beliefs. That’s because, as creators of our own realities, when we see our beliefs manifest, it only hardens that belief further into fact.

For example, you could believe: I’m so lucky. Then, on your way to work, you stop to get Starbucks and it’s on the house. The person in front of you paid it forward. Events like this would only further affirm that belief for you. I’m so lucky.

On the contrary, a limiting belief would sound more like, I never have enough time. So, you constantly find yourself running late. Not being able to make it to the gym as much as you’d like. Frequently missing deadlines.

Just the same as the example above, these events only further affirm that belief. You never have enough time.

But, how do we know exactly what limiting beliefs we’re dealing with?

identifying your limiting beliefs

Task yourself with identifying your specific limiting beliefs, especially as it pertains to your goals and the things you want to accomplish. Focusing on what you’re trying to manifest is a good place to start.

Let’s say you want to manifest love. What are your limiting beliefs surrounding relationships?

Everyone always abandons me.

I can’t trust anybody.

No one understands me.

I only attract f*ckboys. 

These are common limiting beliefs that some of us carry with us, not even realizing that they’re the reason we can’t manifest the love we’re looking for.

Okay, now let’s take a look at money.

Because we know a lot of you want to be rich AF. But, what are your current limiting beliefs surrounding money?

Money is hard to make.

I can really only make $____ doing what I do or I can’t become wealthy by following my passion. 

Wanting to have a lot of money is selfish.

Again, many of us are wanting to manifest large sums of money (with ease), without realizing that our belief system is programmed directly against it.

So, what do we do about it?

how to change limiting beliefs

Now, that you’ve identified your limiting beliefs, it’s time to flip the script. Our favorite way to do this is through self-talk and affirmations.

Your subconscious has been hearing that old, limiting narrative for long enough. It’s time to breathe new life into your belief system so that it’s always working in your favor (as it should).

Change the story.

Everyone abandons me? Absolutely notI am safe and secure in all of my relationships.

Wanting to have a lot of money is bad/selfish? Wrong againI deserve a life full of wealth and abundance.

Make the effort to identify the beliefs that are not serving you and affirm the opposite. And persist in them.

Say them in the morning, before bed at night, in the mirror when you brush your teeth. Whatever it takes to start instilling new beliefs that will propel you further on your path to achieving the life you desire.

Remember, your beliefs only create more events that reinforce that these thoughts are true.

And we only want to see reinforcement of the shit we want to manifest. Period.

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