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what is the law of detachment and how to detach

law of detachment

POV: you’ve scrolled through a million and one manifestation TikToks on your FYP and have at least a dozen “claimed” sounds in your drafts. At this point, we’ve pretty much all heard of manifestation and the Law of Assumption. But what exactly is the Law of Detachment and why is it the key to getting your manifestation? And why would we want to “detach” from something we desire?

In truth, understanding and mastering this law could be the final step between you and your manifestation success story. So, let’s take a look at what detachment actually means and how to make sure we’re practicing it correctly.

what is the law of detachment?

In basic terms, the Law of Detachment is the practice of giving up your attachment to your desired outcome.

Now, this does not mean that we give up on our desire or that we no longer care about it. It simply means that we’re no longer obsessing over seeing the end result.

It means that we’re affirmed in our belief that our desire is already ours and that we’re open to the possibility of it showing up in a multitude of ways. It’s a release of worry and anxiety when it comes to our desires and whether they will manifest.

Because if we’re constantly anxious and in a state of disbelief, this means that we’re not in a state of being that embodies the version of ourselves that already has our desire.

So, where do we start when it comes to detachment?

the art of detachment

Before you even begin the process of attempting to detach from your desire, you must have already solidified your assumption. Meaning, you should already know in your mind that your desire is yours.

This subconscious reprogramming is accomplished by many of the practices you’re likely already familiar with – affirmation repetition, visualization, and believing/acting “as if.

If you haven’t truly impressed your subconscious mind with the “new story” where you already have what you want, it’s nearly impossible to detach from your desired outcome.

You must accomplish this first.

Because if you’re still constantly battling with disbelief when it comes to your manifestation, there’s no way you’re ready to detach from it.

Which leads us to our next question – how do you know when you’re “ready” for detachment?

signs you’re “detached” from your desired outcome

First thing’s first – your old thought pattern should be dead and gone. Any feelings of anxiety, nervousness, or fear that your manifestation may not come to pass should be completely absent.

Many call this a feeling of peace or “knowing” that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll get what you desire – you feel comfortable in the fact that your desire is already yours.

You are no longer confined to some firm, unyielding idea about how your desire is going to manifest itself, based on your “old story” or any preconceived notion based on how you think things should work.

You are no longer checking for progress to see if there’s any movement towards your manifestation or to verify that “it’s working.”

And yes, this means no more checking your SP’s IG to see if they’re still with a 3P or constantly checking your bank account for a mysterious deposit.

It is a complete surrender to allowing your wishes to reveal themselves to you, however they may.

It is relaxed, it is easy, and it is calm.

That is when you’ll know.

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