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the power of feeling good now

What if we told you that the key to getting any and everything you want is simply to feel good… now? Eckhart Tolle breaks down this concept in his insanely popular book, The Power of Now. (And if you follow pretty much any manifestation coach on social media, you’ll know this read comes heavily recommended by many).

But, what exactly is the power of feeling good and how can we feel good now… without our manifestation? And believe it or not, it’s not always necessarily about having to “pretend” you have your manifestation now. (Because it’s not pretend – it’s already done).

But let us explain a little further…

so, what is the “now?”

If it wasn’t obvious enough, the “now” is simply the present moment – the experience you’re having this second.

Take a moment to step back and observe everything around you right now. Are you outside? In a café? Can you hear the voices of other people? Or feel the shape of your AirPods in your ears?

All of these things are making up your “now.” Your present experience.

In his book, Tolle takes us through his teachings via questions he was frequently asked about how exactly we can accomplish living in the present moment.

And what it really boils down to is this: many of us are stuck on a loop of either being super obsessed with the past (moments that have already passed) or being super obsessed with the future (moments that have yet to pass). 

Naturally, this makes it nearly impossible to be present which then makes it hard to feel good in the moment you’re currently experiencing (yes, even without seeing your manifestation in the 3D).

So, how do we break free from the chokehold of thinking about the past or the anxiety of obsessively thinking about the future to feel good now?

feeling good now

So, maybe you’re trying to manifest a healthy relationship with a new SP (or maybe an ex – don’t worry, this is a judgment-free zone).

Or you might be focusing on finances and are manifesting that dream job or waiting for that small biz to pop off.

Either way, you have to remember: once your intention is set for a desire, it is already done. Your job at this point is just to feel the excitement of your manifestation (because you know it’s coming) and enjoy your life in the meantime.

Now, we know some of you are thinking:

Well, I can’t really be THAT happy without having my manifestation.

And to that, we say: umm, yes you can!

Remember that while yes, we do want the things we desirethere are definitely things in life we can be happy about right now (even if it’s not directly about our manifestation).

Take a minute and think about something you can do RIGHT NOW that would make you even a little bit more excited.  

Going to get Starbucks? Or maybe going for a drive or a nice walk? Making your favorite dish or grabbing lunch with a friend?

Are any of these things INSANELY exciting? Most people would probably say no.

But, the idea is to do whatever you can, that would grant you the most excitement or happiness in the present moment. Then, once you do the “thing,” whatever it may be… ask yourself again:

What can I do that would make me feel good right now?

the power of feeling good now

So, what is the point of all of this?

The general idea is that if you’re already feeling good, you’re in better alignment with the feeling you associate with having your manifestation.

Now, we’re not saying that you have to always be vibrating at a certain frequency to manifest – we know that’s not true. But, we are saying that it can definitely help – also, who doesn’t just want to feel good, simply to feel good?

But, this can be especially helpful when it comes to impulses and inspired action.

Ever notice the number of people that have said that their “million dollar idea” came to them when they “let it go” or just focused on something else (usually less stressful)?

For many of us, we’re not going to see our manifestations come to pass while we’re stressing over them. I mean, even just ask yourself – how well has that worked for you?

The power of feeling good is literally that it feels good. That’s it.

We tell our higher consciousness that we want (insert desire) because it’ll make us happy, right? But, if we also find ways to feel good now, it sends the same signal to our subconscious.

And if we’re focusing on things we can do now to feel good now instead of obsessing over how to call in our desires, it makes it easier for our subconscious to send us impulses on what to do to accomplish that goal.

Making sense? We hope so.

Basically, stop turning your manifestations into your burdens – focus on the fact that you know your manifestations are inevitable, and in the meantime, enjoy the moments that will bring you joy now.

Let your subconscious handle the rest.

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